Full Automatic 500 kg/h Frozen French Fries

Cleaning  -  Peeling  - Cutting - Washing - Blanching - Dewatering - Frying-  Deoiling - Quick freezing - Weighing - Packing 

20 Million pcs/year Ballpoint Pens 

In cooperation with our partners in China, we supply and commission Production lines in various industries. ​Here are some of the lines which we supply. 

Snickers Chocolate Production line

Paper cutting Machine

  1. Injection molding machine
  2. Ballpoint pen Mould
  3. Ballpoint pen refill tube equipment
  4. Ballpoint pen refill Automatic Assembly Machine
  5. Ball point pen assembly machine

Dates Processing Line

​Fruit and vegetable dryer


Plough & Chopper Mixer
Crawler shot blasting machine
rotary drum washer
Glue Coating&Drying Machine
Double Air Blowing Oven

Production Lines

  1. Flour mixing
  2. Automatic Moon-cake Filling
  3. Moon-cake forming
  4. Automatic laying tray
  5. Rotary Oven
  6. Flow Packing
  1. Sugar Cooking Part
  2. Sugar Bars forming/cutting part
  3. Chocolate enrobing part
  4. Final products distribution and packing Part

Irregular lollipop production line



Automatic Dewatering Machine
Lifting Feeder

Hot stove

Brake pads production line


Unwinding unit
Traction device
Cutting Unit
Slitting Unit
Delivery unit

Send sugar, stamping molding, rods, feeding, the paper overwrap.

Electrical and Mechanical Contractor

Moon - Cake Production Line

  1. Dates grading
  2. Bubble Washing
  3. Brush Roller Cleaning
  4. Air Drying
  5. Fully Automatic Date Deseeding/Pitting
  6. Vacuum Packing
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and more production lines ....