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Explanation of our S7-300/400 and S7-1200/1500 course Contents

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- Upon completion of this course, the learner shall be able to:
- Using Step7 
- Create new program,
- Download & debug
- Program different bit logic instructions. 
- Program timers and counters.
- Program comparison operations.
- Use different blocks (OB , DB and FB) 
- Troubleshoot common software errors.

- Electrical and Control systems background
- Good Computer Knowledge
- Good English Knowledge

The Programming Languages studied in this course are LADDER & STATEMENT LIST 
Section1: Introduction 
- Basics of PLC 
- Overview of Simatic Systems 
- Basic Terminologies
Section2: Simatic Manager
- Installation 
- Authorization 
- Setting the PG Interface 
- Getting Started 
- Creating New Project
Section3: Programming with Symbols 
- Absolute Addressing
-  Symbolic Addressing
Section4: Programming OB1
Section5: Configuring the Central Rack
Section6: Downloading and Debugging 

- Establishing an online connection 
- Downloading 
- Testing via Program Status 
- PLC Simulator
Section7: Programming a shared Data Block
Section8: Variable Table & Diagnostic Buffer
​Section9: Programming a Function
Section10: Programming a Function Block
Section11: Configuring a distributed I/O system
Section12: Basic Program Instructions
Section13: Load and Transfer and Timer Instructions
Section14: Counter and Comparison Instructions
Section15: Math Instructions
Section16: Project Documentation

S7-300/400 PLC 
STEP7 v5.5 Course. (Level 1)