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S7-300/400 PLC 
STEP7 v5.5 Course. (Level 3)

Explanation of our S7-300/400 and S7-1200/1500 course Contents

Upon completion of this course, the student shall be able to deal with communication between PLC and Drive and to get a feedback encoder signal and read it on a FM counter module
Prerequisites S7 Level 2 course 

Part 1: Motor Control Using Frequency Converter Drive 
Section 1:    Overview of AC Motors and AC Motor Control
Section 2:    Overview of the Frequency Converter Micromaster
Section 3:    Start-up and Parameterization of the Micromaster 420  
Section 4:    Micromaster 420 Profibus Module  

Part 2: Communication between S7-300 station and Micromaster 420            Section 5:    PPO-Types (Parameter Process data Object)                    Section 6:    S7 Communication Functions and Data Blocks                Section 7:    Procedure of Communication with the Micromaster 420            Section 8:     Procedure of Parameterization Using Step-7 Program            

Part 3: Encoder & Counter Module
Section 9:    Overview of Rotary Encoders 
Section 10:    FM350 High Speed Counter Module
Section 11:     Procedure of Communication with the Counter Module FM350-1        

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