Upon completion of this course, the student shall be able to:

- deal professionally with S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs
- Attended Step7 TIA PORTAL Level1 course 
Organization Blocks
Program Cycle
Startup OBs 
Cyclic OBs 
Time-of-day interrupt OBs 
Time-delay interrupt OBs 
Hardware interrupt OBs 
Error Interrupt OBs
Programming error OB 
I/O access error OB 
Time error OB 
Diagnostic OB 
Pull/plug OB 
Rack error OB 

Program Info
Assignment List
View Used Addresses
View Free Hardware addresses
Call Structure
Show Conflicts
Group multiple Calls
Consistency Check
Dependency Structure
CPU Resources
Cross Reference
Where to find Cross References
Cross Reference Structure
Cross reference Views
Used By / Uses
Defined / Undefined
Displaying Overlapping Accesses
Read /Write Access
Next / Previous point of use
Next / Previous Error
Network line
Compare and Rewire
Types of Compare
Compare Window structure
Detailed Comparison Window

​Troubleshooting using Trace Function
Configure CPU to Trace and record the value of a certain signal over time.
Uploading the measurements to the PC
Displaying measurements in curve form

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Explanation of our S7-300/400 and S7-1200/1500 course Contents

ET-200SP Distributed I/O Profinet Communication
ET200SP Hardware and I/O modules
Network View in device Config.
Adding  ET200SP in Device Configuration
Adding I/O Modules
Adding a Subnet to the configuration
Assign a name and IP address to ET200SP
Adjust Potential Group
ET200SP in the project tree
Overview of Addresses
Topology View

Master S7-1200 to Master S7-1500 Profinet Communication using PUT and GET functions
Permit Access in CPU Properties
Adding and Configuring PUT/Get function
Downloading and monitoring
Display Connection Info

Master S7400 to Slave S7-1200 Profibus Communication (theoretical explanation)

 Master S7-1200 to Slave Profibus Communication (theoretical explanation)

 Using Technology Object (PID)
Inserting PID FB
Configuring PID parameters
Trending and displaying response

Using High Speed Counter

Accessing CPU via router

Accessing CPU via wifi

Accessing CPU via mobile

Accessing CPU via web
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